Lee Stadtmiller, St. Luke’s Sr. Warden, 2009

The truth is that no one much likes to think or talk about stewardship. We have heard of the joyful giver, and I have met a few who took giving to a high level. Most of us like to receive gifts, but that’s not stewardship, or is it? The fact is that our St. Luke’s will not survive long without its people giving to it regularly. 

We are admonished to tithe to our LORD’s work and give a tenth of our talent and time which includes our funds. I grew up in a tradition that giving a tenth of before-tax income was an expected practice. As an adult, I have modified that to a tenth of my take-home pay. I would encourage others to do as much as they can. 

What I give to God right off the top, I don’t miss, as I wait for my next pay check.