Allen Kent

Ushers are a vital ministry at any church. Customarily, the usher will be the first church member a worshiper meets at the door. Ushers are especially important when visitors or perspective members come to worship the first time.

The people providing this service at St. Luke's do a great job. They greet all worshipers, pass out bulletins and, at the Offertory, take the Communion elements to the altar before passing the collection plate to the congregation. They are also responsible for counting attendance and straightening up the church after the service.

At present, our ushers serve only once every two months. We can always use more volunteers. It is one way to serve our Lord and it also gives one the opportunity to meet more fellow members. If you would like to serve in this way, please call Libby 690-5092, or email

Welcome Committee

Welcome Committee

Instructions for Ushers

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the service and greet each person who arrives. During the service, take a HEAD COUNT and enter it on the slip to be put on the bread basket. The bread basket and wine are brought up before picking up the offertory plates from the acolyte. At the end of the service, please pick up the bulletins and straighten the books and kneelers.

If any of the hearing devices are used during the service, remind the user(s) to leave them with you after church.

If you cannot serve on the date appointed, please try to trade with someone on the list. Thank you for serving as ushers.