St Luke’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes


·        Approved Carolyn Rosen for ordination to the Transitional Deaconate on February 4 at 2 p.m.

·        Reviewed the results of the pledge drive, with 46 pledging units, including 8 new pledges.

·        Made adjustments and finalized the 2018 budget.

·        Discussed offering envelopes.

·        Passed the required annual rector’s housing resolution.

·        Discussed submitting a grant request to fund a youth minister to serve both Billings parishes for three years from Bishop Fox           Board.



Malcolm Goodrich was thanked for his five years of service and presented with a piece of stained glass removed from the nave when the flower windows were installed. Treasurer Doris Gerstner explained the 2018 budget and the various parish funds. Voting was held to elect five new vestry members, four convention delegates and four Memorial Foundation board members with results:


               Linda Allgayer                         Kerry Donohoe                        Steffanie Joines

               Mike Pollari                             Beth Tocci

Mike Jackson – Sr, Warden and

Allen Kent- Jr. Warden

Convention delegates:

               Allen & Noelle Kent                         Nancy McManus                         Grayce Sivigny

               Libby Laird – alternate

Memorial Foundation Board:

               Holly Brown               Stacie French               Lynn Jensen                Lisa Malody