St Luke’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes

August 17, 2017

ATTENDANCE: Rector: The Rev. Melinda St.Clair; Jr. Warden: Allen Kent; Treasurer: Doris Gerstner; Clerk: Libby Laird. Members: Karen Andre, Holly Brown, Mike Jackson, Lynn Jensen, Bob LaRoche, Rose Lockrem and Grayce Sivigny. Guest: Carolyn Rosen and dog Ramsey. Absent: Sr. Warden: Malcolm Goodrich. Members: Bill Cochran, Joey Crawford, William Joines.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by M. Melinda. Carolyn Rosen opened with a prayer.

 MINUTES/TREASURER’S REPORTS:  The minutes from July were approved on a motion by Lynn/Rose. Doris reported July income at $13,073.00, slightly below the projected budgeted amount. The YTD income is $132,574.44, about $14.000.00 ahead of budget projections. Our expenses for July were $16,984.57, which is under the budget projection of $21,307.00.  YTD our expenses are $147,738.27, which is better than the projected figure of $149,149.00. It was a good month for all of our funds with an up-tic in the market. Our asset value, including the vestry and memorial funds, is $1,080,896.47 at the end of July. This is an increase of $6,468.89.. Our combined asset value of more than $1 million gives us a better rate at RBC of just .09%. We have $17,925.95 in our checking account, $585.00 of which is being held there for other purposes. Doris reported that three checks had to be reissued because they were lost in the mail and never cashed. We have enough money in our operating balance to pay bills. The report was accepted on a motion by Mike/Grayce.

CAROLYN ROSEN: Carolyn appeared before the vestry to ask for endorsement for candidacy for the priesthood. She emailed a letter to the vestry reporting on her activities as a postulant. She thanked the vestry for their continued support. The Rev. Canon Gary Waddingham is Carolyn’s spiritual director and mentor. After she left the meeting discussion was held about endorsing her for her candidacy. Fr. Gary will speak about her at the September vestry meeting. The vestry decided to wait to vote on candidacy until after they hear from him.

OLD BUSINESS: Allen said he, M. Melinda and Ken Gilstrap met about microphones and decided on the SURE brand and selected one that has 5 gigahertz range. It is one step down from a model previously considered. On a motion by Allen/Mike, the vestry approved the purchase of a wireless lapel microphone and receiver plus shipping at a cost of no more than $1,100.00 to be paid from the Waters Fund.

Discussion was held about the repair of two stained glass windows, the Nativity window and the window above the High Altar. The Nativity window is bowing badly and is in danger of collapsing. The other window needs more minor repairs. We have a bid of $17,961.00 for both repairs. After much discussion, the vestry approved spending up to $18,000.00 from the Waters fund to repair the windows. We will seek an additional bid and Allen will select the one that can do a timely repair at the best price.

Allen installed two taller toilets, one in the men’s room and one in the women’s room. He replaced the workings of the other two. A contractor is coming next Wednesday to prepare a bid on remodeling the Godly Play bathroom. Allen has not heard back from Artistic Iron for a bid on steps into the prayer garden. Allen also sent out a proposal for cement work on a new ADA compliant ramp. He has had no responses yet. Libby knows a contractor and will contact him.

RECTOR’S REPORT: There will be a youth event, Fun, Food & Forward, on Sunday. Allen is cooking Sloppy Joes. We ordered Living the Good News for teens, tweens and 4-6 grade. On September 9 at 10 a.m. there will be training for Lay Eucharistic Ministers. Fr. Gary will do a study program starting in October. He is offering three choices of topics. Some bulletin boards were donated to the parish and will be mounted around the church. Our delegates to Diocesan Convention have been reduced to 4 in addition to our priest, reflecting a more accurate number of parishioners. Our delegates are Allen and Noelle Kent, Carolyn Rosen and Libby Laird. M. Melinda presented a picture of a deposit safe for the for collection money, to be kept in the Sacristy. The vestry felt it was too small, so we will keep looking..

A parish family, who prefer not to be named, is working with the Memorial Foundation to put together a sizeable donation. The income from the endowment would be used for capital improvement items, based upon the draft documents which are still in the final process of finalization.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Libby Laird