St Luke’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes


■   New vestry members Linda Allgayer, Kerry Donohoe, Steffanie Joines, Mike Pollari and Beth Tocci  were welcomed and oriented to the vestry and financial reporting.

■   March 9 (6–8 pm) and March 10 (9 am–3 pm) were set for a vestry retreat at St. Stephen’s meeting room. Strategic planning and visioning are on the agenda.

■   The Parochial Report that is sent to the diocese and national church was reviewed.

■   We discussed installing a rock labyrinth in the church yard by the office entrance for centering prayer because the well that waters that area went dry.

■   Because of excessive snow, the stained glass window cannot be removed for repairs until the power lift can sit next to the building.

■   We voted to move forward with upgrading the wiring and replacing old, broken lighting fixtures around the back and side of the building for better security.

■   There was a discussion about whether to repair or replace the red door in the courtyard. Its veneer is warped and peeling. We will look at bids.

■   We will get banners for Holy Week and Easter, and we discussed advertising methods.

Bishop Brookhart visitation will be April 14–15. Bishop Gallagher will conduct a workshop here May 11–13.