A Message from Mtr. Melinda


St. Luke’s is a Christ-centered community of faith striving together to serve the world in Christ’s name. We are bound together by our common worship, study, prayer, fellowship and service. We are a multigenerational group, open to all who seek to know God through following Jesus. Our members include dedicated disciples as well as seekers, those sure in their Christian faith and those who question and doubt, life-long Episcopalians and those who are new to our faith tradition, fancy and casual dressers …with everything in-between. God meets us where we are and we do our best to meet you where you are.



OUR MISSION is to be a faith community whose worship brings us into God’s presence, with preaching and teaching that take the Bible seriously though not literally. We embrace the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ making our mission possible. The parish is a place from which we send disciples strengthened to be the people of God in a chaotic and lost world.


ENGAGEMENT not entertainment. Through our worship, preaching, and teaching our clergy seek to open the bible to all who wish to enter. We endeavor to help people know and follow the teachings of Jesus in practical ways, while learning to reflect theologically on the world around us and our everyday experiences. We believe that scripture is best interpreted in community and so we work to build community – open, fluid, grounded and engaging.


St. Luke’s strives to provide a safe space where you can share your joys and sorrows, your questions and doubts, your gifts and needs, your sweat and your tears. There are many opportunities to plug into the life and ministry of the parish. We offer education / formation opportunities for all ages. We have a long history in downtown Billings and yet continually we look forward to new and innovative ways to be the People of God.


Please look around in our website. Follow us on Facebook, see our services on Facebook and YouTube, join us in worship (either in-person or on-line).