Altar Guild

Sitting in the pew at St. Luke’s, what do you see?
Colorful lectern hangings, announcing the season. Candles burning brightly. Flowers, artfully arranged, lending their beauty. White linens, clean and pressed, dressing the altars and credence table. Polished silver and brass. Cruets full of water and wine, and breadboxes ready for the Eucharist. All that you see and more is the service provided by the women and men of St. Luke’s Altar Guild.

If you are looking for a ministry of service to St. Luke’s congregation, consider the Altar Guild. Guild members give a little of their time each month to prepare and clean the altar for services. We meet once every other month on a Saturday morning for worship and fellowship. We’d love to have you join us.

— Carla Stadtmiller

Ushers / Greeters

Ushers are a vital ministry at any church. Customarily, the usher will be the first church member a worshiper meets at the door. Ushers are especially important when visitors or perspective members come to worship the first time.

The people providing this service at St. Luke’s do a great job. They greet all worshipers, pass out bulletins and, at the Offertory, take the Communion elements to the altar before passing the collection plate to the congregation. They are also responsible for counting attendance and straightening up the church after the service.

At present, our ushers serve only once every one to two months. We can always use more volunteers. It is one way to serve our Lord and it also gives parishioners the opportunity to meet more fellow members. If you would like to serve in this way, please call Karen 252-7186, or email

— Allen Kent