We are proud of our beautiful old downtown church — one of the oldest in Billings.

Old building are a lot of work though. Twice a year we have a barbecue and parishioners help with spring and fall clean up. Also, throughout the year many unsung heroes help with tasks to keep St. Luke’s property in good shape.

Our Junior Warden Jack Snyder welcomes your assistance. If you can share some of your time and talents on one of the many projects that could use a little TLC please message Jack at 252-6272 or

Most recently Jack cleaned out the gutters in the courtyard and pulled some weeds. Then I made the awful mistake of going up on the roof of the garage. He also cleaned years of accumulated dirt, grass and refuse on the roof. Additionally on the “to do” list: • Painting of windows • Painting on dormer by courtyard • Painting of door going into kitchen • Cleaning out of window wells • Digging a trench to old water well to get water to front sprinklers • Replacing door skin on red door • Removing dead aspen tree • Removing crumbling concrete tables in courtyard • Cleaning out of the garage

“ Remember your rewards are in heaven not here, however I find it is rewarding to get these things done. Also, some of you need to work off a few stay-a-home increases.”

– Jack Snyder, Jr. Warden